What is Fostering?

Since the Molokai Humane Society is not a shelter, we can not hold animals they have not yet found a home or may need some extended treatment and/or care.

Instead, we have asked the citizens of Molokai for volunteers for Foster Care Homes.  This would require those who participate to provide a safe and loving home for the animal for a temporary amount of time.  There will be no financial burden on the participans; all food and necessaties for the care of each animal WILL BE provided by the Humane Society Staff!

In order to participate, the application can be found HERE or at the clinic.  This form must be filled out and returned to our staff before your availability as a foster may be considered.  The link above will also refere you to the qualifications that must be met in order to apply for foster care.

Animals in Need of Fostering

Make sure to come back to this site often to check out any animals in need of foster care.

If you have specific requests or requirments when it comes to the animals you are able to look after, please indicate such in your applicaion.

Comming Soon!

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